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Brevard SA

Winter Training Series - Directed by Roby Stahl

All The Right Moves - Ages 6 - 14
12/26 - 29/17
9 - 11am
Southwest Park$99
The Striker School - Ages 6 - 14
1/2 - 5/18
9 - 11am
Southwest Park$99

The Striker School is an opportunity to train with our professional staff of soccer Educators. Through our constantly upgraded curriculum we can ensure that attending players and coaches receive the most up-to-date technical training available. Our staff is on the cutting edge of new information in the development of age appropriate methods ensured to help your son or daughter begin to understand how to reach their potential.

The curriculum while based on attacking methods, teaches every player to solve problems in all areas of the field through developing technical mastery, as well as, creativity. The Striker School staff has experience at all levels of soccer as college and professional players, youth (club and ODP), college and professional coaches, as well as, national and state level coaching course instructors.

Approximately 95% of soccer players DO NOT strike the ball correctly. This camp is a must for your child's development!

All the Right Moves - The basis of individual skills is the ability to effectively dribble the ball first in his/her comfort zone progressing to match conditions.  ARMs teaches each individual player a variety of way to get past his/her opponent.  Moves are repeated until mastered and then put in game-like 1v1 situations until confidence is improved.

All players will benefit from both sessions regardless of club affiliation or position played.  Staff to student ratio is approximately 1-10.  For more information call Roby Stahl at 513-315-5711.

Register for the camps using the following links: