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Brevard SA

Soccer Development Cycle


Our Club's coaching philosophy will operate under the principles of "development of the individual player, player first & One Vision, One Club."  The more proficient we are in the development of quality players at the youth and club level, the more accomplished high school, ODP, collegiate and professional players will be produced. We feel that the development of the complete player on and off the field is crucial for collegiate placement and life in general.


Each age group within the development cycle will have its own appropriate curriculum for its players and teams.  Each team coach will stamp their style of coaching within the ideas and philosophies that have been set forth by the Director of Coaching (DOC) guidelines.  The goal of our Soccer Club is to develop and mold the individual player to be a dynamic risk taker who plays the game with confidence and composure.  Coaches will train the players to be confident in their technical ability, able to solve the problems the game presents, and to play the game with a physical and competitive commitment.  The appointed coaching staff will work in cooperation with each other Specifically within the Age Group Sections for Development and the DOC to achieve the following goals:

    • Technical mastery for the individual player.
    •  Applying technical mastery in an environment of pressure.
    • Development of risk takers in 1v1 opportunities.
    •  Development of goal scorers.
    • Understanding and applying the concepts of zonal defending.
    • Developing problem solvers.
    • Understanding & applying maximum level physical commitment to every competitive situation.
    • Involvement in community outreach and community service.
    • Responsibility in academic endeavors and in life.

To create experiences that serve a wide range of players and levels of commitment, competitive teams in the Situational and Placement Programs will fall into multiple categories throughout the development cycle.  Our classification is based both on playing ability and on the commitments of time and money that players and parents are willing to make. Fees associated with the Situational and Placement Program vary based on the number of tournaments a team is expected to play, off-season training, team camps and more.  Situational and Placement teams are expected to practice year-round and two to three days per week during the fall and spring seasons.  These teams are expected to participate in a number of tournaments per year, some of which may include travel outside of the State of Florida (mainly Placement Program teams), and one of which is the Florida State Cup (u13 and above), Presidents Cup or Commissioners Cup (u11-u19).  High-school aged players will participate in college showcases & tournaments, with the intent of exposing Brevard SA’s student-athletes to college coaches from across the country.

 Our Development Cycle is divided into four programs:

    • Academy Program – Junior Development Program & Technical Development 3-7 (4u - 8u) years old
    • Juniors Program – 8 & 9 (9u - 10u) years old
    • Situational Advancement Program -  10-14 (11u - 15u) years old
    • Placement Program – Collegiate Preparatory Program 15 -18 (16u - 19u) years old 

Academy & Juniors Program

Developing players from the youngest ages is Brevard SA's priority, and ensures the longevity of the club as a leader in youth development in the State of Florida.

Brevard SA’s Academy & Junior Program, although part of the Competitive Program, accepts all players from 4u - 10u; there are no 'tryouts' for these programs.  All players will train in small groups broken up by age and ability.  No player will be "cut" from the program.  The Academy & Junior Program is designed to maximize player development and prepare the player for the Situational and Placement Program, or the Community-Based Program. Each player will be challenged in a fun, safe, professional coaching environment, so that each player will reach their own potential.  The focus is ball mastery and skill/technique development.

    • Maximize player development.
    • Train players in small groups broken up by age and ability.
    • Challenge players in a fun, safe, professional coaching environment.
    • Focus on ball mastery and skill/technique development.
    • Play small sided games.

 Situational Advancement Program

This is the area of the competitive program that challenges players to grow technically, tactically, and mentally.  We foster a very competitive environment within training to allow players to compete and raise their level of play.  We want players and teams moving up the ladder in a very progressive manner and understanding the challenges and demands needed to play soccer at this level.  Position Specific Training, Knowledge Training (Soccer IQ), Implementation, Correction & Repetition for Perfection.  At this state in the development cycle we want players to be able to recognize the three moments of a game, when your team has possession of the ball, when your team does not have possession of the ball, when your team is changing (transitioning) from one to the other.  Therefore, our players must understand the principles of the game:

    • Attacking Principles
    • Defensive Principles
    • Transition

Placement Program

At Brevard SA, we are committed to both turning out quality players and helping them find a college that fits their educational, geographical and athletic needs and wants.  Understanding the demands both on & off the field requirements are essential at this level.  At this stage in a player’s development understanding concepts like the art of winning, the tactical adjustments required at the next level, the competitive logical demands of the game, consistency and pressure are all what makes a well-rounded player.  We will provide the training environments and structure the player and team’s development around these understandings and demands of the game.  We will also provide opportunities and platforms to be seen by college coaches at Showcase tournaments and ID Camps.  We have relationships and will continue to create relationships and partnerships to give our athletes the resources to successfully transition into the college game.

Classroom Sessions

All college preparatory students will receive a college prep workbook with tips, examples, guides, timelines, and assignments.  The workbook is designed for athletes who want to be recruited and play at the collegiate level.  The students will learn the secrets on how to be seen, and impress college coaches.  This workbook goes in-depth on the recruiting process and teaches you all the current NCAA/NAIA and JUCO rules and regulations for college soccer.

The college prep manual covers:

    1. When to start the college preparation process
    2. Player academic and skill-set requirements
    3. The differences in universities (e.g., private or State etc.)
    4. The differences between JC, D3, D2, NAIA and D1 soccer teams
    5. Recruiting laws
    6. Organizing player profiles and data sheets
    7. Contacting college coaches in the most effective way
    8. How to stand out as a college recruit
    9. What to expect each year in the recruiting process
    10. What to expect regarding official visits, home visits, scholarship offers, etc.