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Brevard SA

Brevard SA Fall Recreation Pictures 2017


Pictures have been scheduled for October 7th. Please have your child arrive at designated time with their order form completed with exact change, check or credit card. Bishop Photo does not provide change at the shoot. Checks made payable to Bishop Photo.


Online ordering is now available through Bishop Photo. Please follow the instructions below.


Pre Order your Photos Online and Receive a FREE 8x10 Photo Calendar!


1.     Go to www.bishopphoto.com

2.     Click on the Pre-Order tab

3.     Enter the code brevard17 where prompted

4.     View the order form and place your order

5.     Checkout using Visa, Master Card or Discover

6.     Print your receipt and hand it to the photographer when your child gets his/her photo taken

Team Photo Schedule: 

9:00 U10 Moon

9:00 U10 Chukwunenye

9:00 U10 Stovall


9:15 U10 Parker

9:15 U10 McGeough

9:15 U10 Nemeroff


9:30 U10 Aguilar

9:30 U12 Dalpra

9:30 U12 Abroe


10:00 U12 Girls Culver

10:00 U12 O’Rourke

10:00 U12 Weems

10:15 U12 Rand

10:15 U14 Ron

10:15 U15 Ulzler

10:35 U10 Girls Zervigon

10:35 U10 Girls Rouw

10:35 U12 Girls Fullhart


10:50 U12 Girls Krapf

10:50 U14 Krapf

10:50 U16 Krapf


11:15 U14 Girls Morreale

11:15 U8 Stahl

11:15 U6 Baker


11:35 U19 Jerez

11:35 U6 McCulloch


11:50 U16 White

11:50 U6 Williammee

11:50 U8 Phimvilayphone


12:15 U8 Moo