ODP & National Team Players Spotlight

BSA would like to take a moment and recognize the accomplishments of the players listed below as they strive to reach a higher level of soccer in the state and nationally through the ODP Program, if you’d like to find out ore about this program reach out to your coach or read up on it on their website: https://www.fysa.com/odp/what-is-odp/ Congratulations to the following players:

U16 Boys (2006)

  • Stephen Nicolas – State, Regional and National team Selection
  • Alex Canlas – State team selection and Regional pool
  • Trevor Causey – State team selection and Regional pool
  • Jeremy Davila – Regional state selection

 U15 Boys (2007)

  • Jackson Bent – State and Regional team selection

U16 Girls (2006)

  • Maciah Delaughter – State Pool

U15 Girls (2007)

  • Malaya Davis – State Pool
  • Izzy DelleDonne – State pool

From Coach Carol (on her 2007 players):

“Malaya is one of the hardest working players on the field. She is technically sound and can score from the halfway line. She never backs down from a challenge on the field and leads by example. She will always give her 110% even when exhausted.” 
“Izzy is is very hard worker.   Her skills and footwork is something every coach looks for in a midfielder. She has been able to lead herself out of many difficult situations due to her advanced technical skill. It is exciting to see her leadership growth and positive impact on the team.”

U14 Girls (2008)

  • Zoey DiOrio – State Pool
  • Kira James – State Pool
  • Abigail King – State Pool
  • Erika Webb – State Pool
  • Sabrina Whipple – State Pool

U13 Girls (2009)

  • Raielle Lynch (Playing on 2008 team) – State Pool

From DOC O’Neil: “The players in 2006 Boys (4), 2006 Girls (1), 2007 Girls (2), 2007 Boys (1), 2008 Girls (5) and 2009 Girls (1) have made a huge amount of progress in their technical skills and tactical awareness.  As a result, players have made the ODP State Pool, (14) State teams (6), Regional team (2) and 1 National team selection. The 2007 and 2008 girls State team selection is still in process.  We are all very proud of them and are looking forward to seeing how they progress in the years to come!”