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Brevard Soccer Academy is proud to be the leading provider of youth soccer programs in Brevard County. We offer a variety of programs and leagues designed to help young players learn the game, develop their skills, and most importantly, have fun. Our experienced coaches are passionate about sharing their love of soccer with the next generation, and we focus on instilling a life-long passion for the game that extends beyond the field. If you're looking for a youth soccer program in Brevard County, look no further than Brevard Soccer Academy.

To empower and develop young players to achieve their ultimate potential, on and off the field, through premium coaching, the highest quality training and competition and by becoming the destination club in East Central Florida.


To inspire and educate youth soccer players and teams with our “player first” and “one club, one vision” themed programs.  To prepare each player for opportunities to compete in local, state, regional, national and international contests, as well as being equipped for inter-collegiate athletics.  A destination club that has a seat for every individual.


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Principles and Values

We are focused on building champions, on and off the field, by molding those participating in our programs through a commitment to excellence, innovation, togetherness, leadership, and respect.

  1. Commitment to Excellence – We commit to providing excellence in both soccer programming and customer service to our members and understand the impact and importance of our work to the community.  We commit to answering all questions accurately.

  2. Innovation – We will constantly seek out new and innovative ways to improve our work and impact on our community.  We commit to guiding our decisions with integrity.

  3. Togetherness – We will form a cohesive unit, that is supportive of others and works collectively to accomplish our goals.  We strive to provide the right atmosphere for all family members to enjoy participating in the sport of soccer.

  4. Leadership – We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize excellence. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards success.

  5. Respect – All members of the organization will show respect to each other, to community members, and to all physical spaces and property.  We commit to treat teammates, opponents and referees with the utmost respect.

Commitment Statement


In this club, the players come first!

  • BSA is committed to clear and timely communications to players and parents.

  • BSA is committed to operating and maintaining a top-notch organization that includes year-round training and well-maintained facilities, that will enhance our player’s growth and experience.

  • BSA is committed to a supportive physical, technical, tactical, mental and emotional environment; incorporating the values of good character, good citizenship and respect for the game and all its participants. 

Goals & Purpose


  • Love of game for players.

  • Positive experience for players.

  • Love of club for players, parents and coaches.

  • Development of players for the highest level of play they are capable.

  • Technically sound players through systematic development.

  • Possession soccer coupled with combination play and organized defending.


  • Challenge players to maximize development and teach hard work.

  • Mentally dedicated players.

  • Passionate and qualified coaches.

  • Health and safety for players.

  • Excellent administration and supportive staff.

  • Creative and innovative in the development of our club.

  • Leader in the soccer community.

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