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Competitive Program registration information can be found HERE

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BSA Junior Competitive Program is the club's competitive soccer program for players in the U8-U12 age brackets. The primary objectives of the Junior Competitive Program are to instill players with a love for the game and develop individual and team skills through training and small sided (7v7 and 9v9) games. The program focuses on each player’s technical execution (skills), decision making and their ability to play within the team dynamic, rather than any physical component.


The BSA Junior Competitive Program teams compete in local and regional leagues and tournaments.

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The BSA Senior Competitive Program is the club's competitive soccer program for players in the U13-U19 age brackets. The Senior Competitive Program builds on the objectives of the Junior Competitive Program and looks to challenge players to maximize development in the full sided (11v11) game format while maintaining a positive experience and the love of the game. The program focuses on player development for the highest level of play with the emphasis on possession soccer coupled with combination play and organized defending.


The BSA Senior Competitive Program teams compete in regional, state and national leagues and tournaments.

  • What are the Recreational Program fees?
    U4 - $90 U6 - $130 U8 - $130 U10 - $130 U12 - $150 U13 and up - $180 $25 discount for early registration. NOTE: There is a $25 volunteer fee, which is refunded at the end of the season by completing a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work for the club. Fees are per season, with fall and spring seasons typically lasting eight weeks each.
  • Do I need a new uniform?
    New uniforms for the 2024-2025 seasons are required for all new players. If you purchased a new uniform during the 2024 season and it still fits you do not need to purchase a new uniform. U4-U10 is $40 and includes: two shirts U12-U19 is $64 and includes: two shirts, shorts and socks. U4-U10 players may use black shorts & socks from previous seasons, if you have them.
  • What is the schedule for practices and games?
    For U6 and U8: Practice one day a week and games are on Friday nights. Practice nights and times will vary by training site. Games are on Friday nights. The season is 8 weeks long. For U10 and up: Practices (usually 2) are Monday through Thursday nights depending on the coach. Games are usually on Saturday and relatively local to your home field.
  • When does the season start?
    - The Fall Season, matches typically begin in September, with team practices beginning in late August. - The Spring Season matches typically begin in March, with team practices beginning in late February.
  • What does U10, U12, U14....etc. age groups mean?
    Generally, U10 means "under 10," which means the players are younger than 10 years old, but older than the next younger group, such as U8. In this example, a U10 team would contain players that are between the ages of 8 and 9 years old. Technically, however, players are assigned to age groups based on birth year alone, so there can be ten-year-olds playing in U10 during the spring season. For the 2023–2024 soccer year, players born in 2014 and 2015 are in the U10 age group.
  • Do I need to volunteer?
    Volunteers are greatly appreciated in our club. You can help the coaches with practice, setting up for practice, being a team 'mom', work the concession stand or just by being supportive of the players! Any help is much appreciated and helps the program be successful.
  • Is Financial Aid offered for the Recreational Soccer Program?
    Yes, financial aid is available for our Recreational Program, you can apply HERE
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